Actress, Who Was Deeply In Love With Dilip Kumar, Had To Marry Her Own Brother-in-law

Mumbai (NewsReach) : You probably will not forget the actress Kamini Kaushal, who has earned her tremendous name in the TV world from Hindi films. She has worked in many films since her era and is also seen in many TV shows, but do any of you know that Kamini Kaushal’s first love is none other than the Legendary Actor of her era? Dilip Kumar used to be. Both have also worked together in many films. Not only this, Kamini Kaushal and Dilip Kumar used to love each other very much. Both of them were so immersed in the love of the other that they wanted to marry each other and spend their lives with each other, but perhaps destiny had something else in mind.

It is said that if Dilip Kumar had not married Saira Banu, he would have married Kamini Kaushal. Kamini Kaushal worked with Dilip Kumar in the film ‘Shaheed’ in the year 1948. According to the news, both had come close during the shooting of this film. It is said that Kamini Kaushal was already married. Actually, she was married against her will to her brother-in-law and had to do so due to a compulsion. Due to the sudden death of Kamini’s sister, there was no one to take care of her children. In such a situation, the family decided that Kamini should be married to her sister’s husband. With this, children deprived of mother’s love will get mother. Without knowing Kamini’s consent, she was married off to her brother-in-law.

After this, when the family came to know about the closeness of Kamini and Dilip Kumar, there was a big ruckus. Kamini’s brothers threatened Dilip Kumar to stay away from the actress and has told Dilip Kumar that ‘if he does not get away from Kamini, he will kill her’. In such a situation, under the pressure of the family, Kamini had to break the relationship with Dilip Kumar.

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