Started Business With Only Rs 2000, Now Earning In Lakhs

Noida : 38-year-old Preeti Sinha, who lives in Hyderabad, came back to India from the US in 2014 with her two daughters. She had joined a corporate company after coming to India but due to increasing weight she had to leave the job. Her confidence was going down but one of her decisions gave a new direction to her life. After this Preeti Sinha not only lost her weight but also started her business with Rs.2000. Today she is earning millions.

Due to obesity

Preeti was facing a lot of difficulties due to her weight, after which she joined fitness classes. During this, she took special care of her food and drink. She lost 20 kg in just 6 months. After this people came and started asking her for tips. She told that ‘People used to think that I have done some special exercise, whereas I only took special care of my food and drink.’

Actually, due to living in America, Preeti had a very good understanding of food habits. In India, salad is taken as an extra with meals, whereas in America it is eaten as a one-time meal.

Special attention given to diet

Preeti Sinha said that “I learned there how salad can be eaten as a full meal. We Indians are very lucky that our diet includes pulses, vegetables, grains, fruits. I then added everything to the exotic salad making it a balanced meal that is most important. I tell everyone that 20% exercise and 80% diet will help you lose weight and keep you fit.”

Starting with ‘Greens and More’,

Preeti took her salad made to fitness class one day, which was appreciated by many. After that she decided to do business with it. She created a WhatsApp group called ‘Greens and More’ and started delivering the orders herself. Initially she started with only 6 customers.

Annual revenue of Rs 70 lakh

Preeti’s aim was not only to increase the business but also to change the attitude of the people towards life. Gradually her business continued to grow.

When Preeti started her business, she did it with only Rs 2000. Today the annual revenue has been around Rs 70 lakh.

The profits that would have come from the business were invested in its expansion only. Today it is the result of her hard work that a team of 18 people is working with him. Now Preeti plans to take ‘Greens and More’ to the international level.

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