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Neem Component Can Help In Fighting Cancer, Suggest BHU Research

Varanasi (NewsReach) : Cancer is a dreadful and painful disease whose name scares everyone. Timely treatment of cancer is very beneficial for the patient. Today a research claims to have discovered a new herb, which is helpful to fight cancer. A research team from Banaras Hindu University (BHU) has found that a component of the neem tree can help fight cancer. The research team has reported in-vito and in-vivo therapeutic efficacy of nimbolide (a bioactive component of the neem tree) against T-cell lymphoma.

The study strongly advocated the usefulness of nimbolide as a potential anticancer therapeutic drug for the treatment of hematological malignancies. According to BHU spokesperson Rajesh Singh, the new findings of this study have been published in two parts in a prestigious international journal ‘Environmental Toxicology’. The study was carried out by research student Pradeep Kumar Jaiswara along with researchers Vishal Kumar Gupta, Rajan Kumar Tiwari and Shiv Govind Rawat, and was funded by a UGC start-up research grant.

Researchers said that neem is a traditional medicinal tree. Its flowers and leaves are widely used as traditional medicine to treat many diseases due to their many medicinal properties including anti-parasitic, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory. Recently, nimbolide, a bioactive ingredient isolated from neem leaves and flowers, has been identified as one of the key molecules behind its medicinal values. The anti-tumor efficacy of nimbolide has only been evaluated against certain cancers.

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