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UP: Diesel In Ambulance ended Midway, Tractor Pulled Upto 4 KM

A strange case has come to the fore in Meerut. Where an ambulance suddenly ran out of diesel in the countryside area of ​​Meerut, due to which the driver had to face a lot of trouble. At the same time, there was a stir among the health officials on getting the information.

Meerut (NewsReach) : A very surprising case has come to the fore in Meerut district of Uttar Pradesh . Where the ambulance coming from Bijnor towards Meerut suddenly ran out of fuel midway. During this, a person from the local village tied the ambulance to his tractor-trolley and took it to the petrol pump . The video of the incident is now going viral.

At the same time, as soon as the information about this matter came to light, there was a lot of stir among the officials of the Health and District administration. However, this video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In which an ambulance can be seen being pulled from the tractor, which had run out of fuel near Mawana.

The incident took place between Bijnor and Meerut. The patient was being taken to Meerut Medical College from Bijnor after her health deteriorated. The ambulance suddenly stopped near Chhota Mawana on Pauri National Highway. The driver found that it had run out of diesel. After this, help was sought from a tractor passing by. The ambulance was dragged for 4 km by being tied to a tractor. The ambulance was pulled from the tractor and brought to the petrol pump.

25 second video went viral on social media
It is worth noting that a 25-second video has gone viral on social media, in which it can be clearly seen that two villagers sitting in the tractor are pulling ropes in the ambulance and pulling them from the tractor. There are also two people sitting inside the ambulance, one of whom is a driver and a helper. Although it is not visible in that video whether there is a patient or a caregiver inside, it can be seen in that video that the tractor is pulling the ambulance from the highway and people are coming from nearby. At present, only a passerby captured this video in his mobile and tried to expose the health department.

Meerut CMO clarified
Akhilesh Mohan, Chief Health Officer (CMO) of Meerut clarified that this ambulance is not from Meerut and is from Bijnor. He further told that a patient from Bijnor was to be admitted to Meerut Medical College, the ambulance was going back to Bijnor after admitting that patient, during that time the diesel of the ambulance ran out, at that time the patient was not present inside the ambulance.

This incident has come to the fore at a time when CM Yogi Adityanath has asked for rapid expansion of facilities in hospitals and medical colleges to provide better health facilities to the public. He instructed the top officials that all the vacant posts should be filled at the earliest in the hospitals where there is shortage of human resource. Along with this, he has given instructions to buy new vehicles by replacing the dilapidated ambulance vehicles of the state.

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