Government’s Decision After Receiving Complaints Of Fake Madrasas In Uttar Pradesh, All Madrassas Will Be Investigated

Lucknow : The Uttar Pradesh government is going to conduct an investigation of all 7442 madrassas that have taken benefits of the madrassa modernization scheme. The government has taken this decision after receiving complaints about fake madrassas running on paper in Amroha, Kushinagar and Gonda. Educational quality assessment will also be conducted for the improvement in the educational level of madrassas since the operation of the scheme. In fact, under the Madrasa Modernization Scheme by the Central Government, grants are given to Muslim children for quality and modern education.

In addition to traditional education, three teachers are appointed in each madrasa to teach subjects like science, mathematics, English, Hindi and social studies. An honorarium of six thousand rupees is given to graduate teachers and 12 thousand rupees to post graduate teachers. The state government also gives an additional honorarium of two thousand rupees to graduate teachers and three thousand rupees to post graduate teachers. In this scheme, 21126 teachers of 7442 madrasas of the state are included.

Recently, in the board meeting of Uttar Pradesh Madarsa Education Council, on the complaint of non-existence of several madrassas of Amroha included in the scheme by member Tanveer Rizvi, the board unanimously decided to conduct an inquiry into all the concerned madrassas of the state. It was told that the same society is running several madrasas. Board President Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed Javed also decided to get the quality of education imparted in madrassas involved in madrassa modernization examined by a panel of experts.

Experts will see that in lieu of spending billions of rupees on madrasas, how much is the impact on the educational quality of the children? It is worth mentioning that in the year 2013, even in the then SP government, 118 madrasas were found fake. Of these, 34 fake madrasas were caught in Meerut, 17 in Gonda and 13 in Balrampur.

The Madrasa Board has received information about non-existent madrassas in many districts including Amroha. These madrasas are taking advantage of the modernization scheme. Therefore, the Madrasa Board is going to conduct an investigation of all the madrasas of the state included in this scheme.

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