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UP Lifts COVID Curbs As Cases Drop,Masks optional, restrictions no more!

Lucknow (NewsReach) : The Public Health and Epidemic Disease Control Ordinance, 2020, enacted to keep the Uttar Pradesh corona virus infection under control, will no longer be carried forward. Now wearing a mask will not be necessary. Corona cases have almost dropped in the state. In view of the decreasing cases, the state government had relaxed rules related to disaster management in the state. Now wearing a mask will be voluntary.

Additional Chief Secretary, Medical and Health Amit Mohan Prasad said that the Epidemic Act was applicable in the state till March 31, 2022, but now it is not being taken forward. In such a situation, all restrictions related to Covid, including the mandatory to wear masks, have been abolished.

The Uttar Pradesh Public Health and Epidemic Disease Control Ordinance, 2020 was implemented in the state on 11 May 2020. During the second wave of Corona, many strict measures were taken by amending it on 20 April 2021. Under this, the fine amount was increased to one thousand rupees for being caught without wearing a mask. If caught twice without wearing a mask, there was a provision to collect a fine of up to 10 thousand rupees.

A fine of Rs 500 was imposed for spitting in a public place. The state government was extending the ordinance’s time period by three months. Last time it was implemented from 31 December 2021 to 31 March 2022. Now it will not be implemented any longer.

Now wearing masks and following the rule of physical distance has remained suggestive. It is to be known that now there are only 365 patients of corona in the state. Due to less infection, some restrictions, including night curfew, were already abolished. After almost two years, the restrictions have been completely being abolished.

UP sets record by administering more than 30 crore vaccines UP has the highest number of vaccines in the country. Maharashtra has 16.14 crore vaccines at number two and 13.10 crores in West Bengal at number three. In the vaccination campaign, UP is leading from the very beginning.

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