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No Possibility Of Fourth Wave Of Corona In The Country – Professor Aggarwal

Kanpur (NewsReach) : Senior scientists of IIT have done research on whether there is a possibility of a fourth wave in the country. From the studies they have concluded that that there is no possibility of fourth wave in the country. Because the natural immunity power of people is very high. Due to which the mutants did not have a special effect on the people. This information was shared by IIT Professor Manindra Agarwal, Senior Scientist. Professor Aggarwal assesses the Covid-19 transition period on the basis of a mathematical model formula. Prior to this, the first, second and third wave have also being assessed.

Professor Manindra Aggarwal said that according to the data so far, there is no possibility of the arrival of the fourth wave of Covid-19. So there is no need to panic about the possibility of a fourth wave. Natural immunity is developed in more than 90% of residents of the country. Which is capable of fighting the virus. The fourth wave will come for a short time like the third wave and its effect will also be very less.

Natural immunity proved to be effective

He told that the effect of Omicron was also visible in the country. The mutants succeeded in bypassing the immunity generated by the Covid-19 vaccine but could not bypass the natural immunity. There is direct evidence that Omicron had an effect on only 11.8% of the people in India. Whereas in some countries it was as high as up to 65.1%. In his assessment, he said that the effect of Omicron was less visible in countries that generate natural immunity.

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