Delhi-Meerut Expressway: NHAI notify toll collection from April 1st

Ghaziabad (NewsReach) : The toll collection from commuters will be on the 59.77 km stretch of the Delhi-Meerut expressway, starting from Nizamuddin Bridge on National Highway 9 and ending at National Highway No 334. Toll collection on Delhi-Meerut Expressway will start from April 1.

After approval from the Ministry of Highways, the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has issued the notification. Toll rates have also been released along with this notification. The rates which were kept last year have been increased. For light private vehicles like cars etc., earlier the toll was kept at Rs 140 on one way to go from Meerut to Delhi but now it has been increased to Rs 155.

The revised rates applicable for the entry-exit points are located at Sarai Kale Khan, Indirapuram, Dundahera, Dasna, Rasoolpur, Sikroad, Bhojpur, Main Plaza in the states of Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. The authority was supposed to start collecting toll from commuters on the 59.77 km stretch of the expressway from December 25 last year, but the plan was put on hold.

The NHAI has already implemented automatic number plate readers (ANPRs) to record the registration plates of vehicles entering and exiting the expressway lanes. The ANPRs will help deduct the fare from the vehicles’ FASTag accounts. There is no cash lane in any part of the entire expressway. Entry and exit will be done through FASTag on all lanes. However, if someone does not have FASTag, then he will be able to enter and exit by paying double the toll of the entire distance. Arvind Kumar, Project Director of Delhi-Meerut Expressway, said that the trial had already been done. Relevant equipment has been installed. Now the concerned company will start toll collection.

The NHAI has also implemented “closed tolling” on the stretch, which necessitates all exits to be equipped with FASTag readers.

Toll will be charged only 1.50 times for same day travel

If someone goes from Meerut to Delhi, he will have to pay a one-way toll of Rs 155 and on his return also he will have to pay Rs 155. But if someone comes back within 24 hours, then his toll will be one and a half times.

Monthly Travel, only two thirds of the toll will have to be paid

With the start of toll collection, the facility of making monthly passes will also start. According to the sources the monthly pass shall be two-third of the applicable toll.

No toll for commuters between Dasna and Delhi

Those who enter or exit anywhere between Delhi to Dasna will not have to pay toll. It will be beneficial for the daily commuters on the stretch.

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