Baghpat MP Who Returned From Birbhum Said – Innocent Lives Were Lost Due To Enmity Created Over Illegal Earnings

Meerut (NewsReach) : The BJP delegation, which went to know the truth about the killings in Birbhum, West Bengal, has returned. Baghpat MP Dr. Satyapal Singh was also included in the delegation. He told that TMC workers had blocked the way of his vehicles in Birbhum, after which he was forced to sit on a road dharna. He somehow reached out to the victims and interacted with them.

TMC workers raised slogans

MP Dr. Satyapal Singh, who arrived at Johri Shooting Range on Saturday to launch the competition, told in a press conference that the party had sent a team to Birbhum. When the BJP delegation from Kolkata proceeded after traveling for about five hours, about a dozen trucks were parked on the road about 30-35 km before the spot on the way. So that the team can’t go ahead. This was done by TMC workers. The police there did not try to remove the trucks from the road. After that the vehicles of the BJP team were stopped there and around 150 TMC workers raised slogans against the team and the BJP. TMC workers stood on the road. Once they felt that they would protest, the TMC workers would attack the team. Due to this, the team also sat on a dharna on the road. When the workers did not leave the road, the team somehow reached the police station, But TMC goons reached the police station too. Even after that the police did not help. From the police station, the team reached the families of the victims and interacted with them.

‘Goonda tax is collected from every vehicle’

Victims told that first their family members were brutally beaten up and then burnt alive. The MP told that goonda tax is collected from every vehicle there. Many innocent people lost their lives due to the enmity that arose over whom the illegal earnings would go to the TMC leader or others. The team had demanded a CBI inquiry there, but the good thing is that the Kolkata High Court has given an order to the government there that the case should be transferred to the CBI.

Munish Kumar

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