The Secret Of A Temple; Mystery behind 7th Door of Padmanabhaswamy temple

We discuss many mysterious stories of the world even today. One in this is the story of the temple established in Thiruvananthapuram in the state of Kerala. It is known as Padmanabhaswamy Temple. This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

The idol of Lord Vishnu has been installed in the sanctum sanctorum of this temple. Lord Vishnu is seated on the Sheshnag in a sleeping position. The interesting thing about this temple is that there are many mysteries associated with this temple. It is also considered to be the richest temple in the world. The total assets of this temple are about 1,32,000 crores.

The most mysterious thing about this temple is the seventh door here. The seventh door of this temple remains mysterious because according to the beliefs, when it opens, it is said that there will be a catastrophe. Among all the things, this temple is known for having a vault that can’t be opened by any human. The temple has Vishnu, as the principal deity in the ‘Anantha Shayanam’; the yogic sleeping posture on Adhishesan, the serpent. Therefore, it is said the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu will only have the power to open the door. Till then, all the attempts to open the vault through man-made technology will only result in catastrophes around the temple. Vault of the temple should be open only through mystic chanting so that there won’t be any harm by the serpents. There are no reliable historical texts, about the origin of the Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple. 

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There is no latch or nut voltage on this seventh door. On this door there is a reflection of only two snakes, which is said to be the protector of this door. These two snakes guard and protect this door.

The specialty of this door is that this door can be opened only by chanting. Other than that there is no other way to open it. To open this door, ‘Garuda Mantra’ will have to be used clearly and clearly through a Siddha Purush. If the chanting is not clear and clear, that person may even die.

Tirunal Marthanda Varma, the head of the Travancore royal family, has said in an interview to an English newspaper that his entire life was spent in the care of this temple. Also, if the seventh door is opened, there can be a catastrophe in the country, so do not open this door. It is right to let it remain a mystery.

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 According to the ancient mysterious texts, the temple has a total of 6 vaults that are shrouded, accordingly. The legend says that an ancient curse has been defiled on the temple. All the treasure of the temple is said to be stored in 7 different vaults. There have been many attempts across the world in order to open the temple but all of them, to futile. In 1930, various hunters planned to open the temple; only to die under the serpents that emerged from the vaults.  (NewsReach)

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