MY TRAVEL DIARY : The Land’s End, Kanyakumari

The Land’s End, Kanyakumari, is a land of windmills and a full-fledged district. Tourists from all over the country visit this quaint little town to enjoy the sunrise and sunset. There is hardly a two kilometres distance between the two points. Other major attractions are Vivekananda Rock Memorial and the statue of Tamil poet and philosopher Thiruvalluvar. Believed to have born 1700 years ago he is the author of Trikular. His couplets focus on ethics, politics, love and economics.

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Kumari Amman, a reincarnation of Parvati, is the presiding deity of the region and the city and the district are named after her — Kanyakumari. Agriculture is the mainstay of the district while fishing and tourism are the major economic activities of the city.

Fishing boats start arriving at the city shore, facing the Vivekananda Rock Memorial and the statue of Thiruvalluvar, early at 4 am. Once the fresh catch is offloaded from boats people from neighboring areas start arriving to take part in the auction for bulk purchases. Common men and women arrive there to pick up fresh stock for their daily cooking.

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Once the bulk purchases are made fisherwomen take charge of the unsold stock and manage the retail segment throughout he day. Division of labour is clear. Men are responsible for fishing on high seas and repair of fishing nets, while women manage the marketing of the catch. Early morning visit to the market was a rejuvenating and enjoyable experience.

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(Sharat’s Sharma Travelogue)

Sharat Sharma

Sharat Sharma is an indefatigable traveller and explorer from Delhi. For Sharat, age is just a number because what matters is the indomitable will to get moving.

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