Meerut Weather: The Heat Is Increasing Rapidly, Temperature Expected To around 37 Degree

Meerut Weather Update: Rapid changes are being seen in the weather. The temperature of the district has been running 35 degrees or above for two days. It is expected to remain 37-38 degrees in the coming week. The increase in heat in March is not a new weather phenomenon. But for the second year in a row, in March, the temperature has remained above 32-33 degrees.

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If we assess the temperature in the last seven years from March 1 to 20, it has been more than 35 degrees in the year 2018, 2021 and 2022 only. In the remaining years it was recorded around 30 and 32 degrees. In these 20 days, 11 days the temperature has been more than 30 degrees. The increase in heat in March and persisting effect of cold in February is adversely affecting human health. Crops are also expected to be affected by this. On the other hand, due to clear skies on Monday, the weather will remain normal. Strong sunlight will bother you during the day.

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Warmer than expected in March is being witnessed in many parts of the country. The temperature has reached 40 degrees in many places in Gujarat. The maximum temperature in Delhi’s Safdarjung area on Sunday was recorded at 38.3, eight notches above normal, while it was 35.4 in Meerut, six notches above normal. The main reason behind this is that no strong Western Disturbance is active after March 4. Dr. UP Shahi, in-charge of the meteorological center of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Agricultural University, said that it rains only due to the activation of western disturbances and after passing, the temperature drops. At the same time, due to the development of anti-cyclone in Rajasthan, the temperature is also increasing.

Dr. UP Shahi told that the effect of increased temperature will be on the wheat crop sown in December. This causes the grain to ripen before it develops. At the same time, farmers will have to irrigate other crops more.

Weather forecast

No Western Disturbance of suitable intensity is very likely to become active in the coming days. Due to which the sun’s rays will fall directly due to clear weather. The rise in temperature will continue.

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The highest temperature in the period from March 1 to 20 in the previous years was in °C.

year highest temperature

2022 – 35.4

2021 – 36.9

2020 – 30.2

2019 – 30.6

2018 – 35.2

2017 – 30.4

2016 – 32.6

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