Horrific Gangrape And Murder Shown In The Kashmir Files ; Girija Tickoo’s niece opens up about horror

Film director Vivek Agnihotri’s film ‘The Kashmir Files’ has become a topic of discussion among the people. The performance of all the actors in the film is being highly appreciated. The film is based on the traumatic events and exodus of Kashmiri Pandit families in Kashmir in the year 1990. Everyone is watching this movie and are appealing to others to watch it. If you have also seen this film, then the brutal murder of Sharda Pandit, Anupam Kher’s daughter-in-law in the movie, must have traumatized you.

In the film, the murder of Sharda Pandit is depicted in the same way as it happened in real life. Sharda Pandit, whose character is shown in the film, her real name was Girja Tikku. After watching this film, the niece of Girja Tikku has told the whole truth of the incident that happened on that day. Girja Tikku’s niece Siddhi Raina made a post on social media. In the post, Siddhi told what actually happened to her aunt. She has told that ‘this terrible accident is never talked about in her house’.

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Posting on Instagram, Siddhi wrote that ‘The Kashmir Files has been released all over the world. Those terrible nights have been shown in the film which not only mine but every Kashmiri Pandit’s family has lived. TW (Triggered Warning) Rape, Torture, Murder. My father’s sister, Girja was a librarian at Tikku University. She had gone to collect her paycheck. The bus she was coming from, it stopped on the way. What happened after this made me tremble, shed tears and vomit. My aunt was pushed into a taxi. There were 5 people in it and one was a co-worker with them. Siddhi further writes in the post that ‘These people tortured her, raped her and killed her alive with a saw. Just think about that brother who must have had to recognize his innocent Babli, who had nothing to do with this hypocrisy fight. Till today I have not heard any member of my family talking about this incident. My father tells me that all the brothers are living in shame and anger that nothing could be done to get justice for my bubbly aunt. In the end, Siddhi wrote that ‘she is associated with the youth of Kashmir Pandit families through koayut’. Here we share our past.

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I request all of you to watch The Kashmir Files as well as take your family and friends. Let us tell you that actress Bhasha Sumbali, who played the role of Sharda Pandit in the film, was very scared while filming this scene, due to which her health had also deteriorated. She has shared this anecdote during an interview.

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