Kajol’s Holi message on ‘Save water’, netizens started digging movie clips to troll her

Kajol took to Twitter to spread the message of happy and safe Holi. With that, she appealed to all her followers and fans to be considerate of the water usage on this special occasion. She posted a video where she was heard saying, “Wishing everyone a very very happy holi and safe holi, most importantly. So save water and play holi with whatever you feel like but have a happy and safe holi.”

The festival of Holi was celebrated with great pomp across the country. In this festival of colours, Bollywood actress Kajol has posted a video, after which the users are quite furious. In this video, Kajol has appealed to the people to save water on the day of Holi. In this post, Kajol is wishing everyone a very Happy Holi and requesting to save water and play safe Holi. Since the post of this video, users are trolling Kajol.

Commenting on Kajol’s video, a user has written that, you who are giving the knowledge to save water on Holi, first explain to your husband who promotes gutkha and people keep spitting on the walls after eating gutkha. Huh. It takes a lot of water to clean it. At the same time, another user said that if you are asking to save this much water, then you should take bath only once a week.

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A user enraged by Kajol’s video post wrote that, it would be better if you do not give your knowledge, say something on the rest of the festivals too. Your husband is himself campaigning for people to eat gutkha. On the other hand, another user wrote that, this time Kajol has taken the lead in the knowledge of “Save Water” on Holi.

Memes made using water in films by Kajol

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Some users have made pictures of Kajol’s films viral in which she is wasting water fiercely. A user wrote that, Kajol, you have worked in the film My Name is Khan, in that film more than 24 lakh liters of water was used and now you are giving the knowledge of saving water at the time of Holi. How hypocritical are you guys?

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