Meerut Cantonment: Lease And Old Grant Properties Can Be Transferred To The State Government

Meerut Cantt (NewsReach) : The process of including the civil area of ​​Meerut Cantonment in the Municipal Corporation has accelerated. The Ministry of Defense has prepared a plan and sent it to the Army Headquarters. Army Headquarters has to reply on this in a week. If the Defense Ministry’s plan comes to action, then the whole picture of the cantonment will change. The lease and ownership of the Old Grant properties will go to the state government. Along with this, additional employees of the Cantonment Board can also be sent to the Municipal Corporation.

Lease and transfer of old grant property to the state government

The leased and Old Grant property in the civil area in Cantt currently belongs to the Ministry of Defence. If the proposal is agreed upon, it will be transferred to the state government or municipal corporation without any charges. In future, if the state government sells these properties, then 50-50 percent of the amount received will be given to the state government and the defense ministry.

Adjustment of employees of Cantt Board in Municipal Corporation

Any additional staff in the Cantt Board will be transferred to the Municipal Corporation. If an employee does not want to go to the Municipal Corporation from the Cantt Board, then his service will be terminated. On completion of their service, the Cantt Board and Municipal Corporation will arrange half-and-half of the pension etc. of the employees of the Cantt who will go to the Municipal Corporation.

Changes will happen in office and staff quarters

In the Meerut Cantonment office, if needed, the local body can also be given space for work. It can be rented or free. Apart from this, the staff quarters of the Cantt Board can also be transferred to the local body. All the funds and investments of Cantt will also be transferred to the Municipal Corporation.

Cantt board will manage electricity, water, road

After separating the civil area, the cantonment board will have bungalow area and military area. Whatever land is vacant in the cantonment, its ownership will remain with the Defense Ministry as before. After the lease and old grant property goes to the Municipal Corporation, the responsibility of supplying electricity, water will be with the Cantt Board. For this, the Cantt Board will be able to charge the prescribed fee from the local body.

Cantonment people will get big relief

Vipin Sodhi, former vice-president of the cantonment, says that the people of the cantonment will get a big relief by joining the municipal corporation of the civil area. If the proposal of the Ministry of Defense lands on the ground, then the whole picture of the cantonment will change. After this, the people of the cantonment will automatically get many facilities.

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