Double Murder In Bijnor: Idea To execute the Crime inspired from Ajay Devgan’s film

The idea of ​​couple’s double murder case was inspired from Ajay Devgan’s film ‘Drishyam’. After the double murder, the bodies were buried in the house to hide them. To confuse the police and relatives, the couple’s scooty was taken to Haridwar and left in a parking lot. Babita’s mobile was left in a train in Moradabad. The woman’s son Tushar took out the SIM of Rajesh’s mobile and took it to Haldwani. Putting in his mobile, kept roaming, due to which the police get confused in investigating the crime location.

Planned murder

The conspiracy to kill the SP leader and his wife was hatched in a deep and well-planned manner. The mastermind of the murder was Ruma and her lover Mukesh. Rajesh was murdered at around 6 pm on 28 February. Babita was also murdered in Ruma’s house late in the evening. The next day after burying both the bodies, Tushar parked Rajesh’s scooty in a parking lot in Haridwar. After a few days, when Rajesh Aggarwal and his wife were not seen by anyone, the discussion started. During this, Ruma also debunked the rumor that the couple had left for Haridwar by scooty by giving the keys of the house and beauty parlor, saying that they would visit Neelkanth. So that the police can be convinced on her statement when the scooty is recovered later from Haridwar. On March 3, Ruma went to Moradabad with her daughter Riya and Mukesh to leave Babita’s mobile in a train as planned.

A day before this, Ruma went to Kathgodam in Haldwani with her son Tushar and daughter Riya. Tushar put the SIM removed from Rajesh’s mobile in his mobile. Throughout the day, he roamed in Haldwani, so that the police could be misled that the couple had gone to visit Uttarakhand.

Ruma, the mastermind of the double murder, pleaded in front of the Police on Friday for the safety of the couple. She also appealed to the police to recover both of them safely. She also went to the police station along with her boyfriend Mukesh. Praying for the well being of the couple in front of the media. Ruma’s real character came to the fore when the murder was worked out. During investigation, the police came to know that Ruma was having illicit relations with Rajesh and Mukesh as well. Ruma was getting direct benefit on the death of the couple. When the police strictly interrogated Ruma and Tushar, the secret was spilled out.

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