After The Defeat, There Are Signs Of Struggle Again In The Congress For Change, Disgruntled Leaders Are Preparing To Question The Party Leadership Again.

We have only lost the elections, but do not lose courage, we are not going anywhere, we will return with a new change, with a new strategy’ No matter how passionate the message may have been given, but with this encouragement, there is no scope to stop the broken patience of the party leaders. After the recent defeat, some senior disgruntled leaders, who are getting restless with the ever-increasing questions on the political relevance of the Congress, have once again started preparing to raise their voices on the conduct of the leadership’s policies.

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Shashi Tharoor raised his voice

In view of this worrying situation of the Congress, senior leader Shashi Tharoor has bluntly said that the change in the organizational leadership of the party cannot be postponed if it has to remain relevant. In view of the possibility of a tornado arising in the party, the party has also announced to introspect by convening a meeting of the Congress Working Committee immediately after the results. But in the midst of the current plight of the Congress, the leaders of the disgruntled Congress camp, restless about their political future as well as the relevance of the party in opposition politics, will hardly remain silent.

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questions will arise again

There are strong indications that the disgruntled G-23 leaders in the wake of the current defeat will once again vocally raise the questions raised in a letter sent to Congress President Sonia Gandhi in August 2020. The major demands raised in the letter included the need for an immediate parliamentary board and independent central election committee, apart from holding organizational elections from the top to the block level, to a mechanism to decide the party’s governance and policies. .

Raised the voice of change in leadership

Shashi Tharoor tweeted, giving a clear message that there is no scope to look left and right on the issues of change, saying, ‘All Congressmen are hurt by the assembly election results. It is time we establish once again that Congress is dedicated to the ideological soul of India and can give a positive agenda to the country. We have to improve our organizational leadership in such a way that it can inspire people with these ideas. Through this statement, Tharoor has indirectly raised the voice of change in the current leadership of the Congress.

internal communication deteriorated

Although the leaders of the dissatisfied camp believe that after nearly one and a half years of internal turmoil, the party leadership has announced to hold organization elections, but no initiative has been taken on other issues. Be it the central organization of the party or the state units, there has been no change in their working style. As a result of this, the condition of the party is deteriorating instead of improving and the leadership is running the policies of the organization with the help of its trusted people instead of ability. According to G23 leaders, the internal communication situation in the party has become even worse.

G-23 leaders will not sit silent

After the lack of political activism of Sonia Gandhi and the conduct of the party’s policy in the hands of Rahul Gandhi, the situation of communication gap has increased even more. A senior disgruntled party leader said that after decades of playing the politics of the Congress’s ideological stream, there was no option left for leaders like him in the political fight against the BJP to take the efforts of change in the Congress to the final stage. It is understood that the leaders of the G-23 will meet soon to decide the further strategy in this direction.

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