Social Media Reactions On Election Result: Congress In Election Fray Hits Internet Media, Users Are Making Various Comments

Congress has suffered a crushing defeat in the assembly elections of five states. Users are making various comments about the Congress party and its leaders Rahul Gandhi and Navjot Singh Sidhu and are making fun of them fiercely.

Filmmaker Manish Mundra tweeted, “The message is clear and loud, Congress has no option but to leave the ‘Gandhi family’ and start anew, otherwise the party is over.” One user tweeted, “Right time for Rahul Gandhi to take a break. International flights are also starting.

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Columnist and writer Anand Ranganathan has tweeted, ‘Passenger take note. Thai Airways’ Delhi to Bangkok flight TG 316 is now ready for departure. You are requested to get the security check done and contact the ground staff immediately. This is the last and final call.’

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Writer Arnab Rai tweeted on Sidhu, ‘Sidhu has done for Congress what he has done many times as a cricketer, getting a good batsman run out.’ Another user jokingly wrote, Will Sidhu return to TV after the election defeat. The tweet read, ‘Breaking news, after seeing the results of Punjab Exit Poll, Navjot Singh Sidhu has called Kapil Sharma. Archana Puran Singh should be alert.

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A user, Sneha has compared Sidhu to Bhagwant Mann. She wrote, ’14 years ago as a participant in The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, Bhagwant Mann stood in front of Sidhu. Today he is going to become the Chief Minister of the state where Sidhu is the Congress President.

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