Born in Russia, this child was a pilot in Mars, surprised by telling things about his previous birth

Boriskas revelations are in discussion

Boriska Kipriyanovich, a child living in Russia, has told some shocking secrets which are very much discussed. Boriska told that he was a pilot living on Mars when he died while traveling on Earth and was reborn as a human. He told that during the Lamerian civilization he had traveled to the earth several times from Mars and the knowledge there was very much developed from there. The Martians are able to travel the escapes of many galaxies. Lemurians lived on Earth 70,000 years ago. Borisko claims that he had many friends in that civilization and had seen it destroyed.

will change the life of the earth

According to Boriska, there will be a change in the lives of the people living on the earth when the mystery of the sphinx of Egypt will be revealed. Human beings have to unlock the hidden knowledge in order to learn and develop many mysteries. The code for the locks of these secrets is hidden somewhere behind the ears of the sphinx. But they can’t remember what it really is and how it will be unlocked.

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Boriska is super intelligent

According to Kipriyanovichs parents, he was much smarter than the normal children. Born in 1996, Boriska started speaking words in just 4 months, and full sentences at 8 months. By the time he was 1 year old, he started reading the newspaper completely. At the age of 3, he started talking about the mysteries of the universe.

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