The soldiers of the country are ready to die for the name, salt and mark: General Mukund Naravane

The Country Is Safe Because Of The Sacrifice Of The Soldiers !

The Chief Of The Army Staff Pays Tribute To The Martyrs In Sector 29, Noida

Noida Martyr’s Memorial, situated in the heart of the city, is the only martyr memorial in the country which has been built to commemorate the martyr’s of their martyr’s. It has become a landmark of Noida today. The monument remains an inspirational place for the people of the city. Chief of Army Staff General Mukund Naravane reached today at the ceremony organized for its foundation day. The General said on this occasion that, “Today when we are celebrating 75 years of independence, we can proudly say that, the soldiers of India have not lost their patience even in the most difficult circumstances. They are completely dedicated towards their duty. The Jawan’s of the country are ready to die for the name, salt and mark. These Jawan’s are also role models for the people of the country.”

He said that the family members of the martyrs who are present here are like messengers of the forces in the society. I salute the families of the soldiers who died for the country. On this occasion, he met the families of the martyr’s. On this occasion, top officers of Navy and Air Force also saluted the martyr’s by laying wreaths at the memorial. After this, the families of 38 martyr’s of Noida paid tribute by offering flowers to their loved ones who were martyred in the defense of the country.

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After the tribute ceremony, General Mukund Naravane released the annual newsletter of the organization. Remembering the martyr’s, Mukund Naravane said that because of their sacrifice, we are living in a free country. Praising the Noida Martyrs Memorial, he said that, I feel very proud to come on the foundation day of this memorial built for the martyrs of the three services. This monument remains an inspirational place for generations to come and it has become a landmark of Noida today. It is important to keep it alive.

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