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Centre urges States, UT’s to do away with restrictions imposed in the wake of Omicron wave amid decline in cases

There is a steady decline in the cases of corona in the country. Meanwhile, the Union Health Ministry on Wednesday directed the states to reduce or eliminate the corona restrictions imposed to deal with the third wave of the epidemic. In a letter to the Chief Secretaries in the states, Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan  said that it is important that the movement of people and economic activities no longer remain under the same level of restrictions. The Union Territories have been asked to re-review the restrictions imposed in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic by writing a letter.

The Center’s letter comes at a time when the number of daily cases has fallen to around 30,000, the lowest ever this year. This number peaked on January 20, when more than 3.47 lakh new corona cases were detected, and has been declining for more than three weeks now. The death toll is still higher than at the start of the third wave , but this view usually shows an interval of about two weeks. The daily toll outside Kerala had fallen below 50 in the last week of December. As of now, that number is around 200. Kerala is continuously updating its toll by adding earlier deaths, which has increased its daily count.

Quarantine rule has been abolished
The Health Secretary has said that there is a decrease in the cases of coronavirus across the country. In such a situation, the states should review the restrictions and amend them if needed, they can also remove additional restrictions. They have been reviewed. Accordingly, the Ministry of Health has implemented new rules for international travelers from 10 February 2022. It is worth noting that in the new guidelines of the government, the rule of mandatory quarantine for travelers coming from abroad has also been abolished.

In the early months of the year, in view of the speed of Corona, many states had imposed additional restrictions on airports and state borders. However, while it is necessary to keep health management tight amid the corona epidemic, it is also necessary to ensure that there is no hindrance in the movement of people and economic activities between states.

Order to adopt test-track-treat-vaccination rule
The Health Secretary said, At present, there is a decrease in corona cases in India. Therefore, it would be better for the states and union territories to review the additional restrictions and modify or remove them. However, the states should also continue to monitor the cases coming to them. If they want, they can adopt a five-stage policy to stop Corona. Under this, states can implement the rule of test-track-treat-vaccination and corona-compliant behavior.

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