Indian Girl Singing In 80 Languages ​​will Make A World Record By Singing In 85 Languages

Sucheta lives in Dubai

Sucheta Satish is in discussion these days as a wonderful girl all over the world. This 12 year old Indian girl has really amazing talent. Sucheta studies in 7th standard at Indian High School in Dubai. Her amazing talent is that she can sing in 80 languages.

world record preparation

Taking her talent further, Sucheta now wants to touch new heights. She aspires to enter her name in the Guinness Book of World Records. It is also possible, if Sucheta will sing and recite in 85 languages ​​, then this record will be recorded in her name. That is, now he will have to show more singing in five more languages. They have started preparing to achieve this goal.

Sucheta’s journey

However, Sucheta started her journey on this path of singing not long ago. She started practicing singing in most of the 80 languages ​​in the last one year itself. Sucheta, who hails from Kerala, also sings in Indian languages ​​like Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil. Apart from this, she has also been singing in English in her school competitions. She says that she started singing in Japanese after his father met a Japanese friend a year ago. After English, Japanese was the first foreign language in which he learned to sing.

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